IP Telephone Systems

IPBX telephone systemsSolutions Unlimited Group is one of the most reliable companies in Kenya installing IPBX telephone systems in Kenya. IP telephony refers to any phone system that uses an internet connection or a Local Area Network to send and receive voice data. Unlike a regular telephone that uses landlines to transmit analog signals, IP phones in Kenya connect to the internet via a router and modem.

Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, is a technology that allows you to place phone calls over the internet. Hence VoIP phones, or more commonly called IP phones, are the physical office phones that you can use with a VoIP phone system in Kenya. IP phones include desk phones, cordless phones, and conference phones that resemble your everyday office phone, but use a different technology for powering calls unlike PABX systems in Kenya.

IP phone systems work together with IP phones in order to send and receive digital signals. IP phone systems are composed of three essential parts that allow them to work and send and receive IP voice digital signals. An IP phone system is comprised of an IP phone (also known as a VoIP phone), and an IP PBX, or a VoIP private branch exchange. The way that these systems work is that they are connected to a VoIP service provider through a Local Area Network (LAN). IP Phone systems work by transmitting telephone calls over the Internet, in contrast to the way that traditional telephone systems work via circuit-switched telephony systems.

Solutions Unlimited Group  supplies, installs and supports AVAYA, NEC, Yealink, Yeastar, Dlink, Zycoo, Fanvil, 3CX, Logitech, Polycom and are the leading implementers of IP telephone systems in Kenya. From a user standpoint, IP phones work the same way as analog phones. The difference lies in the transmission. IP phones transmit voice data digitally, whereas landline phones are limited to just that – landlines. The advantage of IP phones is that these digital signals can be transmitted anywhere across the internet by using nothing but your regular internet connection, thereby bypassing the trunks and cables, and therefore the charges, laid down by telephone companies.


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